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Quarterly Prints (Our Newsletter)

In the Summer of 2012, Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® launched our own quarterly newsletter called Quarterly Prints. This publication consists of articles written by staff at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®. These are topics picked by each staff member as either something they feel passionate about or something they feel is important for our clients to know.
Below, you will find our most recent edition as well as all archived editions. If you have a topic you would like to see in a future edition, please email us at newsletter@cpvh.com or use our Contact page.

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Volume 7 – Issue 2

What’s New At CPVH

Changes in How You Purchase Pet Food From Us

Pawsitive Planting with Pets! (a continuing series)


Volume 7 – Issue 1

What’s New At CPVH

Intestinal Parasites

How to Calm Your Dog and Cat the Natural Way in Stressful Situations

Pawsitive Planting with Pets! (a new series)

We’re Expanding Our Social Reach with Snapchat

Volume 6 – Issue 3

What’s New At CPVH

Canine Influenza

Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

Help! My Cat Can’t Pee!

Open House Project

Claws & Paws Apparel

Volume 6 – Issue 2

What’s New At CPVH

It’s Springtime

Photos Wanted now

Heartworm Disease in Ferrets

New boarding Loyalty Program

Volume 6 – Issue 1

What’s New At CPVH

What is So Important About My Pet’s Teeth?

Kitty Owner Questionnaire

Household Toxins


Educational Tracks

Volume 5 – Issue 4

What’s New at CPVH

Autumn is in the Air

Halloween Safety

Pets and Thanksgiving Do Not Mix

Help Us Give Back

Dear Abby

Volume 5 – Issue 3

What’s new at CPVH

Texas Summer Dangers

Water Safety

Should Your Dog be Vaccinated for Leptospira?

2017 Calendar Contest

Sago Palm Hazards

Treats for the Sweet

Volume 5 – Issue 2

What’s New at CPVH

Alternatives to Treatment for Arthritis

Sock the Homeless

Why is My Dog Squinting?

Dear Abby

Volume 5 – Issue 1

What’s New at CPVH

Care of Rats

Blocked Tomcats

Is Fluffy, Fluffy? But, Not In A Good Way?

Year-Round Flea Control. Is It Necessary?

Dear Abby

Volume 4 – Issue 4

What’s New at CPVH

Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Holiday Hazards for Pets

System Upgrades

Importance of Year Round Heartworm Prevention

Dear Abby (Where Abby Answers Your Questions)

Volume 4 – Issue 3

What’s New at CPVH

Fourth of July

Why is Chocolate Toxic

Gift Card Promotion

The Many Dangers of Summer

Dear Abby (Where Abby Answers Your Questions)

Volume 4 – Issue 2

What’s New at CPVH

Healthy Alternatives to Table Scraps

The Importance of Wellness Blood Tests

Why to Spay & Neuter

Pearland Pets’ Wags to Riches

Dear Abby (New Series Where We Answer Your Questions)

Volume 4 – Issue 1

What’s New at CPVH

3-Year Rabies Vaccine for Cats

Cold Weather Tips

Dental Special, Now Year ‘Round

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Help Us Find Clawd (Facebook Contest)

Dear Abby (New Series Where We Answer Your Questions)

Volume 3 – Issue 4

New Staff Members at Claws & Paws

12 Weeks of Giving

Yellow Dog Project

Emergency Clinics on Mobile App

Halloween Dangers

Cold Weather Dangers

Volume 3 – Issue 3

New Staff Meembers at Claws & Paws

Digital Radiography

Early Detection & Savings

Hurricane Supply Kit

July 4th Dangers

Referral Program

Client Appreciation Day

Volume 3 – Issue 2

What’s New at Claws & Paws

New Doctor Arriving Soon

Hurricane Season – Are You Ready

What is Laser Therapy

Disaster Supply Checklist

Volume 3 – Issue 1

Hypoglycemia in Puppies

Specializing a Sight Hound

Knowing When It’s Time to Let Go

Why We Recommend Bringing Your Cat in a Carrier to the Vet’s office

Successful Pearland Christmas Parade – 2013

Reminder on Holiday Hazards

Volume 2 – Issue 4

What’s New at Claws & Paws

Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Pets

Pet’s Have Teeth Too!

Pets Have Birthdays Too!

Tagg Pet Tracking System (GPS collar)

Holiday Safety Tips

Volume 2 – Issue 3


Glycoflex Joint Supplement

Adequan for Arthritis

Standard Process Herbal Supplements

Proheart 6 – Six Month Injectable Heartworm Preventative

Volume 2 – Issue 2

Becoming a Veterinary Technician

Fleas: Our Modern Day Vampires!


Introduction of Dr. Kurdziel

Paws in the Park Success

Volume 2 – Issue 1

Feline Vaccinations

Importance of Dentistry

What’s New at CPVH

Employee Highlights

History of Cats

Please watch our Educational Tracks video regarding dental care.

Volume 1 – Issue 2


Intestinal Parasites

Employee Highlights

What’s New at CPVH

Chocolate Poisoning in Pets

Pet Sitting

Volume 1 – Issue 1

Hurricane Preparedness

Heat Exhaustion

Staff Introduction

What’s New at CPVH

Traveling with Pets

Pearland Animal Control Partnership